During the past 2 years, the COVID-19 brought the whole world too much damage. Many families broke and people left their relatives. At the same time, the economic depression brought the many people lost their job and bankruptcy in their daily life. Under this big background, how to save the money become a big issue to all the business worker whatever their are huge enterprise or the small business owners. As a key word “ low budget” search rate is increased 200% rather than the last year same period. We knew many people are trying to find the new business running system for their life. And they tried to save the money from the details in the system. From this degree, scientific using the sticker to replace the other decoration is a very efficient way to same their money. And there are several advantages for the stick using and little tips.

  1. Sign tag

I though many shop owner had this situation in your business: the clients want to know where is the cashier, the bathroom, the different products categories... Therefore, Use the sticker to replace some sign is a very good way to reduce your budget. And the stickers can be more creative designed to attract people’s eyesight.


  1. Wall paper & wall decals

To find a nice suitable wall paper with the whole shop decoration style is not easy and sometimes the wall paper didn’t mean cheap. From this degree, choose a sticker as the wall decals could be more funny and design-able.


  1. Window & mirror decals

The transparent layer like the window and mirror would be a very good place for the sticker to use so that it can easily attempt the clients’ attention on the layer. In many cases, it is also a protection or caution for the people which they didn’t watch out for the invisible glass on the door.


  1. Pack & cover DIY

For the shop owners, the cost of the cover usually take a large amount of the budget and storage the package would also spend a lot in it. Under the situation, use the sticker as a replace logo design could be a very great solution to customize the company logo coverage. And we can say this sticker is widely used in many different place instead of only the pack.


  1. Employer uniform design

Worry about the customize the employer is too expensive? Buy the simple one and use the iron stickers to make your own shop uniform.