Do you like the stickers? What some special culture extending of your favorite character, from your remarkable move, book, anime and drama? Still worry you cannot get the suitable sticker for your planner or it is not perfect fit with your valuable view. This article talks about how to design and hand-make your own stickers.

  1. Design

Make the self-design sticker is a very good way to show your personality and difference with others. For the image choosing, firstly and most directly, you can design or draw the image buy yourself instead of taking the online picture. Right now, with the new ipad tech and the apple pencil using, to design the cute sticker have decrease the requirements for the painters’ skills.


Maybe you will ask, as a bad-drawing skill creator, how I can make my own sticker? There are two solutions: first, find some pro-designer to provide your own requirements, and they can make your sticker picture with your special order. Second, go online find some free resource which release their business copyright.



  1. Make the sticker

Usually we can use the printer to get the paper-base stickers if you designed it with the electric devices, but also pay attention to the paper material choosing, which we should make sure the stickers’ quantity, like transparent or water-proof. From this degree, you should understand what kind of paper you should choose.

On the other hand, we should make sure the style and theme of the sticker is also important. Like Memes, watercolor, texture and other different styles, choosing the different styles can help you get the different clients and users.

  1. Packing and cover

Definitely we see a lot of videos about how to make a packing for their cute stickers and send to the clients. A good pack is a very good way to improve your sticker value and make people feel it more pretty in many ways.