As you know, Stickers are a more like a form which too extend your personality and hobbies in your life, many people like choose their daily life hobbies to consider their favorite sticker choose. In OtRainbow, there is a big category stickers with the very modern and personality interest part, which is the Anime & Games category. There are several different series stickers below.

despicable Me

As a very famous IP, this cute, little symbol brought the world’s remarkable memory and happiness to the audience. Without any funny language, they used their overstate body language and shouts to make the funny view before the screens.

Among Us

As one of the hottest game in the world in 2020 -2021, Among US’s addiction is unbelievable and viralable transmission in the social media and stream-living web. In this game, players should be collaborated with each other to finish the mission as a survival requirement, with the impostors in the group want to hide the identify and kill other players. This game increase people’s online communication and brainstorm in the game processing.

With the Cute style and cartoon characters, Among US is a very typical IP to make the sticker and decorate everywhere.Costume your own devices with AMONG US sticker


As a popular wide game, minecraft’s player’s amount had more than 60 million. Our main character, Steve, and his friend roles in the game, brought our many memory.

The Key word of Minecraft is creative. With different MOD building and mental package setting up, this game can be creatively played with different types and styles. Now, with the sticker making, we can move this game to the reality. If you get this pack of minecraft sticker, how your will use it? Dress your PC or devices, probably use on other places?


One Piece

For the anime fans, One piece is the one of the mark of their anime life. It taught about what is the brave and courage; Back to the real life, it is usually to see a lot of one piece element get into people’s surroundings: on the phone case, laptop, skateboard, shirts, figure and even car dressing. To decorate your favorite anime character to your own stuff is a honor and confirmation to the anime and a signal to look for the same hobbies fans. Imagine a luffy sticker become a bridge to communicate you and your new friends’ friendship since you guys can find the same hobby in the chatting, it will be very friendly and likeable.