Summer is coming! Do you have any plans for this summer? Traveling will be a good choice: different cultures, different sceneries, and different stickers!

Clet Abraham, a behavior artist born in Brittany France, redirects traffic signs in order to create unique work with bright colors, marked with a hint of humor. His work is based on criticizing the strictness of signage, therefore he gives these signs a more humanistic dimension which symbolize rules and regulations. It is in Florence that he began this redirection, he cuts stickers in advance and sticks them on panels in Italian streets and cities.

Let's see what's going on.

First Trip: Italian

Ahh, We've arrived Florence, Italy.The city is noted for its culture, renaissance art and monuments. If you go to Italy, never miss this attractive city: Uffizi Galary, Palazzo Pitti, and Clet's stickers. When walking around on the street of Florence, it's not hard to see these beautiful signs. Sometimes, you may see Clet is sticking stickers secretly!

Next Trip: Paris

Paris, The Eifel Tower and also Clet's stickers on the street! Even though there are many famous places to go in Paris, do not forget to see these signs on the way. 

Third Trip: Japan

We've finished our Europe trip. Let's begin our trip in Asia. In Japan, Clet also tried to stick stickers as he always do. However, it seems that not every city accepts this kind of behavior art. Unfortunately, Clet was arrested by the police and detained for 6 months.  

Last Trip: Taiwan

Clet also left his stickers in Taiwan. At this time, Clet got the permission to post the stickers from the local police officers. When local residents questioned whether there would be a problem with these stickers, Clet and his fellow friends confidently replied that there was no need to worry.

After finishing our trip, how do you feel about these stickers?