Do you use the stickers? There are lots of different kinds of the stickers which we can use today and it works with the different function for the people, like note tipping, decorating, and personalizing... With these recent years internet developing and anime & game culture been more effective, the stickers are extended their functions to the culture influence and hobbies. Therefore, how to choose the best and suitable stickers and know how to decorate it on the right place could be a professional way to improve your personally charm and show your interest from a different way which compared with directly communicate with other same hobby people. Here are several different tips which help you know how to be creatively dress up or design your own sticker bomb stuff.

  1. Laptop sticker bomb

Actually, as a very popular sticker decorating way for several college students, made their own sticker bomb become a creative way to show their own differences with others. They do not want to have the same laptop, especially most of student right now use the same Macbook. But the choice of the sticker showed their different hobbies, like fashion brand of supreme, animation character stickers, school logo, cute emoji or memes.

And not only for the laptop but also other devices can creatively design by yourself, like phone cases, PS5, Xbox, NS, and others.

  1. Suitcase decoration

Have you made this situation in the airport? Since you brought the same brand same type suitcase with other passages and you took the wrong suitcase after you realize the accident when you get the hotel, which is really disturb your trip and even make the loss of your stuff in the suitcase. Use the stickers to dress up your suitcase can make it so different and very easy to find your own one on the baggage chain. And if you worry about the water-damage? There is water-proof sticker workable.

  1. Sports devices marking

Skateboard, bicycle, hermit, water bottle and even sport suits... one same functions as the suitcase is divided to other persons’ stuff, and you can be more creative to show your talent in the self-designing process.

Another function is that when in the teamwork, you could be mark your same teammates as the team marks to courage yourself.

  1. Functional marking

The stickers are not only use for the decorating the stuff around us, but it help us to mark and manage our room. Have you own the experience which you cannot find a thing in a ton of lockers and messy containers. With a sticker which can clearly mark your stuff category in your locker it will be definitely helpful to find the things quickly.

  1. Instruments decoration

What to be a musician, or a pop-star? To design your own guitar! It is the best way to spark your musical inspiration which make others differences. One step of pervious others is the genius, so to be the best or not to be normal.


Now you get some hint of make your own sticker creations. Rush on it and be creative!